Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative Project Groups
Those of you who are in groups with people who missed today's class, please get in touch with them (you can look up their email on the University directory).

  • Mike Wernert + Emelyn Baker + Robert Brown
  • Alyssa Burke + Selina Zawacki + Collin Akemann
  • Kelly Delahanty + JP Ramirez + Audrey Javier
  • Alexis Kikoen + Anders Pollack + Sam Bowman
  • Danielle Sheppard + Katie Damato + Mike Bieronski
  • Eric Simmons + Cassie Tu + Julia Pollack + Laura Welle

If we don't meet on Wednesday due to weather, your group needs to meet before Monday to address the following questions, which should be posted to your blog (pick one team member's blog to use, and link to it from the others'). These questions are mostly about how you understand the problem you are creating for yourselves, trying to get that as clear for your team as possible. Your answers don't need to resolve visual aesthetic problems yet.
a. What is your team's subject matter - what is in the exhibition you're creating? You should be able to describe this in a sentence or two.
b. What are your design/communication goals? (what is the perspective offered by your exhibition on the objects being represented? For example, are you exhibiting the work of a single maker, counter to anthropological musuem norms that represent makers as anonymous members of an exotic culture?)
c. What is the organizational structure you will use? (geography, date, gender, function, narrative, etc.)
d. What will your kiosk's architecture be? (see this site for basic examples and read this for more concerns related to problems of information architecture) And how does it serve your stated goals?

Remember that there are no boundaries for how to conceive of your exhibition proposal except for 2 basic rules:
1. It must be founded on the collection of the Spurlock Museum
2. It must have an organizational agenda that is NOT represented currently in the Museum

What exhibition would really make you think differently about the objects in the collection? That's what your group should be aiming for.