Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Monday
We will get back into HTML and begin some basic CSS. You don't need to have anything uploaded yet, but do bring your exercise files, and you should have most of your 10-15 html pages completed. If you're having problems still, that's OK. Refer to the tutorial links on the calendar page and also check out the tutorials available from If you're working in the lab or using the campus IllinoisNet connection, you can access the full range of tutorials on by signing into their IP protected site.

Related to the first creative assignment, bring your observations about the Spurlock and be prepared to discuss them. Specifically, we need to establish what is already going on there, e.g. What are the dominant themes and narratives? What formal mechanisms are employed? After a brief discussion of these, we'll talk about possible ways to redirect, intervene or modify some aspect of their collection. We'll also get into teams.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday. Oh, and for anyone who wants to/needs to review earlier presentations made in class, you can get them as PDFs here: Introduction to course, Basic web and HTML

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beginning Project 1

Our introduction to the first project assignment comes from a discussion of the work of contemporary artist Fred Wilson. It may seem an odd choice given our focus on interaction technologies, but it's relationship to our concerns should become clear while reading. In your blog posts, I'd like everyone to address some of the things that make this reading relevant for us. For starters, Wilson's work involves the modification of a system of organization and reception (in this case, of information contained in the museum). How does he do this and what makes such a modification significant? You don't have to discuss every aspect of the work, but be specific and use examples from the description.
(img above: Mining the Museum: Mining the Museum: Silver Vessels in Baltimore Repousse Style. 1830-80 Slave shackles, c.1793-1872)